Hi! I'm Krystal South, a human in Portland, OR, and I'm on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. And emails!

Maybe you heard about Exhibition Kickstarter on the Kickstarter Blog, Vice Motherboard or The Creators Project. It was fun. See the artworks here.

I also did a project that is a book and a website called Identify Yourself for the 2013 PICA Time Based Art Festival (TBA).

Some other artworks include: The Medium is the iMessage (2012), A Mirror Unto Itself (2011), QR Art (2011). There's a bunch of other stuff over here.

Krystal South is a multidisciplinary artist, business person, creative consultant, model, and writer from Portland, Oregon who has been online every day since she was 12. South has been included in group exhibitions and projects at Carroll/Fletcher Gallery, Ditch Projects, the 2013 PICA TBA festival, The Wrong Biennale, Rocksbox Contemporary Fine Art, Recess Gallery, Carhole Gallery, and Portland Art Museum, as well as in B.Y.O.B. at New American Art Union, and Wieden+Kennedy in Portland. Her writings have been featured in the Rhizome ArtBase, Flaunt Magazine, Bear Deluxe Magazine, YA5, and September. Google Krystal South for more info.


I sometimes make things or ideas, and people see or think them. I used to have a list of things I had written, but I got rid of that.

I love talking about art, and have spoken at Portland State University, Reed College, Lewis & Clark College, University of Oregon, and Washington State University Vancouver.